In-Ovation for adults is an excellent alternative to braces. It’s not uncommon for adults who have had orthodontic treatment in the past to see their teeth shift throughout the years. Many patients have had braces as children and their teeth have returned to their original positions. Some patients have never had braces at all, but as teeth shift and change throughout life, they notice alignment issues and new areas of crowding and spacing that weren’t there before.

When you think about braces, most people think of them for children or young adults; however, we know you want healthy straight teeth, too. No matter what your age, orthodontic treatment is available to you at Martin Orthodontics.

In-Ovation for All Ages

Martin Orthodontics offers In-Ovation for adults because of the variety of treatment options it provides. The system gives us three choices for care; MTM® No Trace™ for minor alignment issues, the In-Ovation® C, and In-Ovation® R for patients who need more than 6mm of correction. We are able to select a treatment plan based on your individual needs and lifestyle. Whether you need minimal adjustments or a more aggressive approach we have a treatment plan for you.

Adults want the same options for orthodontic treatment, and the In-Ovation® System gives us that. They offer the highest of aesthetics, are comfortable, easy to wear, and speed up the treatment process when compared to traditional braces.

If you’re unsure whether to seek adult treatment, remember that you’re never too old to improve your smile! If you would like to see improvements in your teeth and gums or just want more information on In-Ovation for adults, contact our office. We can complete a free consultation to evaluate your smile and determine the best treatment option for you. We look forward to meeting you soon!