adult orthodontic treatment

There are more adults with braces than ever before! Many of our patients are adults who come to us looking to correct bite and crowding issues and enhance their smile. While you may think braces are only for kids, just know that you aren’t alone as an adult seeking treatment. Join the thousands of orthodontic patients who are choosing adult braces and get the smile you’ve always wanted!

We are excited for you to meet the Martin Orthodontics family and improve your oral health. There is nothing we love more than getting to transform our patient’s smiles. Seeing the improvement in their smiles and the confidence it builds is truly worth the investment. If you’re looking into orthodontic treatment, we would love to help!

Our Services

Our types of treatment include traditional metal braces made of durable stainless steel, self-ligating braces without rubber bands, and clear braces and aligners. While most adult patients prefer clear aligners, such as Invisalign®, we recommend coming in to see us for an evaluation. In severe cases, Invisalign is not the best treatment option. To find out if Invisalign would work for you, schedule your consultation today!

Why Adult Orthodontic Treatment?

With any orthodontic treatment, the earlier you start, the better. When orthodontic problems are left untreated, this could require more costly, extensive treatment later on.

In addition to straighter, uncrowded teeth, orthodontic treatment has numerous health benefits. With improved alignment, you will find it’s much easier to clean the surface of each tooth. This can greatly improve your overall oral health and reduce the risk of gum disease. In addition, many patients with TMD/TMJ pain and headaches find that orthodontic treatment eases their pain.

Are you ready to see an orthodontist? Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation and start your journey to a better smile today!