The American Board of Orthodontics, ABO, is the most prestigious and oldest specialty board in the dental field.

Founded in 1929, the goal of the ABO is to promote the highest level of orthodontics. They want all orthodontists to be held to a high standard so that their patients get the care they deserve. They also want to protect the general public against orthodontists who are unqualified to practice.

ABO Objectives

The ABO has several main objectives. The first is to provide examinations and certificates to graduates who are able to practice orthodontics at a high level. They also offer a diplomate’s career, which means that orthodontists must become re-evaluated through their career and with examinations to ensure that they are practicing the way that they should be.

After becoming certified, the ABO provides orthodontists with continuing education programs. They want to promote the latest technologies so certified orthodontists can continue to give patients the care they deserve.

While becoming certified is worth it, it is difficult. Orthodontists have to pass written and clinical exams. The board will also go over their credentials to make sure that they are qualified to receive the honor. This process can take quite a few years, usually between five and ten years. Once an orthodontist becomes certified, he or she will have to become re-certified every ten years to maintain the board-certified status.

Once they become board certified, they receive the title of Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. This tells others that they remain dedicated to the development of and excellence in the field.

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